Culture is the outcome of employees´ behaviors and interactions -the way they do and treat one another- and how they react to change and manage problem solving situations.

A drop of sales, new technologies or processes, lack of engagement, a less predictable and a more complex business environment and low performance leaders, are some of the circumstances with higher impact on productivity, cost effectiveness and efficiency.

A Cultural Transformation works well in these situations because leaders and teams will be able to set more challenging and sustainable goals adapting themselves to internal and external demands.

We drive a Cultural Transformation based on the latest discoveries on neuroscience applied to leadership.

Our methodology leads to a good decision-making process based on analytics, encourages collaboration, creates and facilitates new tools that transform behaviors and habits with a higher level of consciousness while leading to a healthy and brain-friendly leadership.


We promote change management adding value through strategic processes improvements to enable organizational transformation.

Getting in touch with your People allows us to identify and comprehend their problems. Because we get involved and we commit to what we do, our clients’ objectives become our own.

Our team of experienced professionals collaborate on the creation and enhancement of processes in:



Visualizing data clearly is a key factor in decision-making. To this end, we develop BI reports consolidating all data sources and systems. This kind of data automation saves time and resources for information availability.

Our design formats allow to visualize and access complex data easily and dynamically, enabling the comprehension of all the information.

We work cross-platform, integrating CRMs, ERPs, XLS, JSONs, designing reports that can be viewed from both desktop and mobile devices, and they will refresh automatically.

Crossing all the data, we generate clear actionable items.


Every company needs a team of leaders that embraces challenges, inspires collaborators to give the best of themselves, and have the organizational agility to adapt themselves to a complex, ambiguous and highly competitive market.

Our Talent Development programs boost the organizational change through a methodology based on recent Neuroscience results that leads to a brain-friendly leadership and culture.

Our workshops and team activities based on neuroscience and neurobiology are focused on developing the skills that will help leaders to master their behaviors and competences in order to have an outstanding performance in this new era.

A leader with a core understanding of its brain capabilities, is a top performer individual who solves problems with agility, is able to delegate effectively and is engaged with its team and with the company, as well.


We find the people your company needs by evaluating their techincal abilities and their adaptability to your company's culture.

Some of our proposals:
  • More than 15 years of experience in selection processes.
  • We have a deep technical and functional knowledge of the markets we work in.
  • Proven track record in hunting senior and key roles.
  • Structured selection process and detailed recruiting reports.
  • Strict off-limits policy, confidentiality and warranty.


We offer Human Resources Oursourcing.

  • Staff administration.
  • Dashboards with relevant KPIs (AmactionBI).
  • Performance Assessment.
  • Legal advisory on Labor matters.
  • Internal communication (mails, blog, newsletters, etc.).
  • Creation, revision and maintenance of salary structure.
  • Employee benefits and perks management.
  • Internal policy.
  • Team building activities.